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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Ok, as you know there are many ways to make money on the internet – it’s a matter of picking one strategy that works for you and sticking with it.

Please know, there are no ‘get rich quick schemes’ or ‘make a million dollars in your first year with no work’ programs actually in existence that work! Building a business is exactly that – a business.

So, how I made my money initially was affiliate marketing and that’s what we’re going to concentrate on here.  I do have other articles outlining Different Ways To Make Money Online.

One thing I don’t want you to do is get overwhelmed before you have even started… building an affiliate site is a step by step process and you can find everything you need here on this site to get yourself going.

Follow this Process for Affiliate Marketing:

1. Pick your Niche Market

It helps if you pick a product or topic you are at least interested in – so whether you have prior knowledge or it’s just something you can see yourself spending some time on – Don’t pick a topic you have zero interest in as you will lose interest very quickly.

Check out the article on How To Find A Profitable Niche if you need help or inspiration.

2. Find Products You Can Promote:

When you have worked out what niche/topic you want to promote – it makes sense to find a product that you can monetize with your niche!

There are many websites that offer products for sale through affiliate links – these are called Affiliate Networks. You can find out how to find the best ones on this site.  Pretty much any topic or niche you can think of will have products attached and ‘most’ of them would love you to sell their products on your site for a commission (through affiliate links you will put on your website/ blog).

3. Building Your Website/ Blog

So you have your niche, you found some products to promote – now you need to display them on a website: Please note this is NOT difficult.  WordPress and other similar sites make it super simple to create a website for very little cost.

4. Adding Relevant Content To Your Website

Ok, so you need to fill your website/ blog with relevant content to attract (and keep) customers or your audience coming back! On your site you will place your ads or affiliate links to products and when someone clicks on them they are shot through to a sales page, and if they buy – you get the commission!

5. Promoting Your Website

Once you have your site all set up and are writing articles and promoting your affiliate links – you need to find people to visit and buy!  There are many marketing strategies you can implement, from paid advertising, to social media – but that will come, just concentrate firstly on getting started!

Process Example:

Niche Market:  Dieting / Weight Loss

I would first start of doing my research using suggestions you’ll find in my article How To Find Keywords that work and find out whether there is a need or a strong market / audience for my niche of losing weight.

Find Products To Promote:

I would suggest signing up (for free) with Clickbank as your initiation into affiliate marketing.  They have a huge marketplace of 1,000’s of products for you to choose from and it’s super easy.

You can find a number of products to promote (especially in my example niche of weight loss).  I do have articles on How to Choose An Affiliate Program.


Build Your Website / Blog:

First things first, you need to register a domain (name for your website) and get a hosting provider (storage and display for your website). I can suggest NameCheap for your domain and BlueHost for your hosting, but there are many out there!

Then you need to install WordPress to create the site and make it look the way you like (this is the creative side of it all). I have an article on How To Get A Free Domain & Website if this helps.

Adding Relevant Content To Your Site:

Ok so now comes the fun part – filling your site/blog with content! Now I say ‘quality’ content as you will NOT retain customers, get ranked in google or gain a good reputation if you are not customer/ audience focused.  If your only concern is making money ‘fast’ then this is not the strategy for you!

To fill my weight loss website with relevant, quality content I’d either write the articles myself (because I’m interested in this field) or I would outsource this to someone who can do it for me.  There are 2 websites I’d steer you to initially for this:  and

Promoting Your Website:

There a number of things I could do to start promoting my website (with my product/ affiliate links).  Firstly as I write my articles I’d make sure I used relevant keywords that I got from my research (check out article: Jaaxy Keyword Tool) for SEO.  This basically shows search engines that the website is full of relevant information for customers so they display my website when people search for my keywords in the weight loss arena.

As well as SEO I would set up some simple social media such as Pintrest and Facebook – both free and a bit of fun too!

Must Watch: How A 28-yr- Old Got Fired &Then Built A $500k-A-Month Business ⇒ 

Don’t Get Overwhelmed:

It really is a step by step process – one we all had to start at some stage.  Was I confused in the beginning – you bet! But learning is exactly what the word implies.

The word ‘learning’ also implies ‘teaching’, and I can certainly steer you in the right direction for some hand holding and step by step teaching (for free!).

The first thing really is to just get going in a direction, get some good solid teaching and just make a start, you’d be surprised how quickly you’ll get something up and running.

Just Get Started:

Clickbank: I first started by checking out Clickbank for ideas and products – it really is a great resource.  Take time to look around the Clickbank Marketplace (left hand side has all the topics and drop down menus).

I could do a training on how to use Clickbank but it’s just so simple.  There are a couple of things you want to look for however, and I’ll write about that later (so check back for clickbank strategies) but initially really just pick a product that suits your niche.

Website Name & Hosting:  Get yourself set up with a name and hosting – again if you want to get this for free just sign up (for FREE) with Wealthy Affiliate (as I did) and you will get 2 free domains and websites and some training.

Install WordPress: again you will get this for free and some training on how to do this through the course at Wealthy Affiliate – or sign up for my 7 day step by step guide to the side my website –>

I will have plenty of articles and training on market research, site building etc.  If  you are still confused and want the hand holding head on over to Wealthy Affiliate for an initially free walk through and 2 free sites.

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