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Affilorama Review

 Affilorama – Scam or Legit?

Name: AffiloramaAffilorama
Price: $0 for 30 day trial, $67 monthly, $497 for three years + upsells
Owner: Mark Ling
Overall Rank: 89 out of 100
Who it’s for: Newbie – Expert


Introduction to Affilorama

Today I’m going to be reviewing Affilorama’s Free Membership and a quick rundown on other upsells they offer.  Mark Ling AffiloramaAffilorama was founded by Mark Ling, a millionaire affiliate marketer in 2005, is a community dedicated to begin affiliate marketing. After years of successfully owning products like “Jamorama” and “Rocket Piano”, Mark set out to create an online training platform that would help teach his affiliates within these respective niches.

When he created Affilorama, he had a dream of having 100+ video lessons designed to help beginner to intermediate affiliates build successful websites, just like how he does it.

To help others live his dream life, he has created a free Affilorama membership. I’ve checked it out and I highly recommend it.

Once you sign-up, you’ll be given access to over 100+ free video lessons. These lessons cover pretty much any topic you can think of and teach you a tonne about how to become a successful affiliate marketer. Topics include:

* How to pick profitable products to promote
* How to build and design websites
* How to get SEO traffic
* How to use PPC traffic effectively
* How to outsource and scale your business

Affilorama Membership Overview

There are a number of levels within the Affilorama Membership and different products to choose from,  including very basic entry level to the more advanced options that features several plug-in tools.  Unlike other programs that simply do not go further or grow, Affilorama is one of the better products in the industry at keeping up with changes in the industry (although they don’t do a perfect job).

Pros:Affilorama 2

  • Easy to follow educational resources including software applications
  • Access to one of the largest affiliate marketing communities
  • Free option allows you to explore the basics without investing initially
  • Payment options for the Premium program includes a three year payment plan
  • The owner is very well respected in the industry and is successful


  • There are a lot of options which can be overwhelming
  • The basic program is limited compared to the paid programs
  • The upsells can make continuing very expensive – however there are rewards
  • Support comes from Marks team, not him directly

Who Is Affilorama For?

Affilorama is aimed at those wanting to begin affiliate marketing, offering a number of different levels.  The training within the Affilorama is geared towards everything from the complete basic website set-up to much more advanced promotional techniques.

There is no need to have prior knowledge of website building, hosting, marketing or content management. The training is based on knowledge from a super successful and experienced affiliate marketer, Mark Ling, who has a great track record of not only training affiliates but also having  his own products, which is always a good thing and you know you are in good hands.


The Different Levels of Affilorama

Affilorama’s training starts with the basic program. This is a step by step training with videos and online tools to guide you.   There are also a number of software apps that can be used as well (site ranking and analysis tools).

The Affilorama Premium level offers additional training after you have set up.  It has interviews with various successful Internet Entrepreneurs, and offers Bootcamp videos. This level also includes content which has been created for your chosen niche.

Additional tools include the Affilorama Jetpack.  This is the customized website creation and hosting package with Affilorama Theme which is another version of that service.

Affilorama Products and Price Points:

Costing can get a little confusing as Affilorama has lots of different product offerings and upsells within the program.  This is something I’m not keen on (especially when you are starting out) just because I do believe that when you pay for a product, you should get access to EVERYTHING.  I understand upsells and I understand paying for a basic and premium package, but not keen on upsells after that.

These products are quality, but they are definitely inferior and more expensive than my Top Recommendation for affiliate marketing training.

So Starting up initially is FREE and gives you unlimited access to 85 video tutorials with lesson notes in PDF. Remember all this costs you nothing, so you will definitely learn a lot without handing over your credit card.  You will be prompted to join their Premium Membership however which will cost you a grand total of $1. This gets you 30 days to really get to know how the Premium Membership works, after this time you’ll be billed $67 per month.

Upsells, Upsells, Upsells…

There are also several other options or “upsells” that are offered along the way within Affilorama, as already stated it’s not my favourite thing.  I personally believe that if you are paying $67 per month, you should get access to the full system and all of the tools.   The $67 price point is also much higher than my Top Recommendation to begin affiliate marketing.

Upsell #1: AffiloBlueprint Membership ($197, then $67 per month)

AffiloBlueprint includes 13 lessons, 85 videos covering topics from affiliate marketing, niche marketing and research, free traffic methods like SEO, PPC via Google’s content network, and 6 WordPress themes that are really more geared towards PPC than SEO.

That’s then followed by an upsell (when you join) of the Affilorama Premium.  AffiloBlueprint doesn’t come with any support, so if you want the additional support and help for this particular product, you will have to pay another $67 per month (can you see why I like my top recommendation so much!)


Upsell #2: AffiloJetpack Membership ($497)

AffiloJetPack is a high ticket “niche marketing” package that Mark Ling has designed to help his affiliates with the promotions of his products and services.  These packages do contain some great information and within the membership you are going to get access to the following:

  • Your Choice of 5 Niche Packages (out of the 10 available)
  • 15 Newsletter Email Series, one per niche
  • 3 e-books, 3 per niche (these are intended for free reports)
  • Access to Affilotheme
  • Graphics for each niche
  • 20 PLR Articles

I feel it should have been part of the membership – afterall if he is going to benefit financially from you promoting his products then why not offer it as part of a program for free – particular because of the high price point.   These packages appear to be a little dated in respect to their offerings and at $497, it’s a bit expensive for my taste.

Upsell #3: Affilotheme ($97)

The last major upsell you will be approached with will be to purchase Affilorama’s wordpress theme, Affilotheme.  Affilotheme comes with training on how to use it and 1 year free hosting – after that year you need to purchase a premium membership to continue the hosting.  I really do love the fact that they have piggybacked the WordPress content management system because it is sensational.

Here is what is included within the Affilotheme package:

  • Affilotheme WordPress theme
  • Training videos on how to use it
  • Private Members Only Forum
  • Graphics Creation tool
  • One year of hosting

As you can see, Affilorama Premium is just the first offering inside of this system.  If you take them up on all of their offers, you will be looking at spending $791 + $67 per month for the Premium Membership.    This is something that you need to consider prior to getting involved with the training.

My Final Opinion of Affilorama

Overall I really like the product, it is a high calibre and you will achieve your goals, it’s just the price point and constant (expensive) upsells I’m not keen on.  One of the main reasons I really like Affilorama is Mark Ling, he is one of the ‘good guys’ of the industry with a great reputation and he backs his product.

If you go ahead and join Affilorama you will get great training and you will kick of a great business model, just start of slow with the basic offering and as you grow your confidence then you can look to purchase the upsells and integrate them into the business.

Overall it’s a great program – it gets my seal of approval.

If you still want to check out Affilorama, join here for $1.

P.S. The best way by far to begin affiliate marketing is right at your fingertips


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