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Can Anyone Work From Home For FREE?

Simple answer – absolutely!

If you didn’t think it was possible you wouldn’t be on my site – and I can assure you I would not be wasting my time on this site – but this site is one of many that makes me an income as it can you!

I actually started my first sites from home with NO MONEY DOWN. I don’t think it gets cheaper than that!

In your research you will hear you need to buy a domain and get hosting first – and I have to say this is important down the track, but to start you do NOT have to spend money to try this out! You really just need some guidance…

So your first step is to find a niche or a topic or a product that you would love to bein involved in that you can build your website around.
Secondly you will need to give that site a name, so you register a domain name.

Thirdly, you find a hosting provider to host your website.

Now all this doesn’t need to cost a lot – certainly way less than starting up an offline business or franchise!! I may cost around $9-12 for a domain and approx. $100-150 for hosting for a year (roughly).

BUT, as the title implies – you can do this for FREE!!! .

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Yes, there is a free option where you can get 2 free websites, domain names and hosting – PLUS you will have access to a whole course of training to get you started.

How is this possible and what is the catch I hear you asking – fair enough!

The free option will absolutely give you all I promised and you can be up and running in as quick as you can do it, you will have support and you can ask questions, everything is upfront and laid out for you – no upsells or other costs involved if you don’t want.

There is a paid option which absolutely gives you more support, more site availability, bootcamps and more, however that is your choice, is a low one-off cost and you wouldn’t do that unless you were happy with the free version first!  An genuine case of try-before-you-buy!

Now, at this point I will stress (and I do throughout my whole site) that working online or from home is a BUSINESS – it requires work, training and ongoing support – but all the support in the world won’t create your business for you.  YOU MUST turn up 100% if you want to make a change in your life – only you can take responsibility for your life and your finances.  If you are self-motivated and determined and don’t have a blame-shift mentality, then this program will give you all you are after (as it has me!)

How Do You Build A Website?

Starting a website is not that difficult, making it successful and prosperous can be however – but with the right tools and training you can absolutely do this!

As mentioned above, you will have to put in some hard work to make your business successful – but with over 3 billion people in the world and hundreds of thousands upon thousands of different niches, there is more than enough room for us all to get our share and to make money – I’d LOVE to see this happen for you too!

Now there are definite things you will need to learn including:  keyword research (for your website to get ranked), Google Analytics, content writing, email marketing and more.

Once you have the framework for your website, all you need to do is maintain it by creating great content, 1-4 times / week – now that is the part-time aspect of it all.

Your website will be the income for your business so treat it like an investment and stay committed.  If most people were as committed to their own wealth as they were to creating their ‘bosses’ wealth – so many more people would be prosperous.

OK… all that said, you need to get pointed in the right direction to learn how to work from home for free…

How to get started working from home:

Well there’s no use getting yourself all set up if you have no tools and no guidance – you will get lost and lose motivation, and as mentioned you want to do this and get the bonus of a wonderful system you can follow for FREE…

When I say free, I mean it – some courses will ask you to pay $1 so they can capture your credit card details – not here – you get the websites, domains, hosting, training and support for free, nada, nix – however the value is second to none!

Again you  can (as I did) get the premium membership for a small one off cost, but initially you do not have to do this, in fact you don’t have to upgrade ever if you don’t want.


The course is Wealth Affiliate and I seriously hope you check it out – treat it with the same due diligence as you would any other business – be your own boss and be accountable to yourself to look at your best options!

I had to do that also and trust me when I tell you I checked out EVERY possible course going.  I left a very well paying corporate job in advertising to start my own online at home business – so I serious, I wasn’t mucking around and I hope you benefit from my due diligence and I hope I help cut out some of your research time by introducing you to Wealthy Affiliate (and lets be honest, if its free  you have NOTHING to lose right!)

So what’s it all about?

Wealthy Affiliate are the number ONE in the industry at teaching affiliate marketing, and this is where you can get your free online business started. You can find out more on my Top Recommendation page.

All courses are text and video based to capture your specific learning style… I like video myself but everyone is different.

So to read more about Wealthy Affiliate by clicking below:

Click Here Wealthy Affiliate

How To Make Money Online:

Of course that is what it’s all about!  There are a number of ways to earn money online – the 2 basic ways are to:

  1. Create your own product or course
  2. Sell other peoples products or courses

Affiliate Marketing refers to the second option – you will learn both on the course, but predominantly it is about getting you money in the fastest way, so you will concentrate on affiliate marketing.

Down the track when you have a residual income from your sites, you can look at creating your own products – and Wealthy Affiliate will help there also!

Make Money Wealthy Affiliate

Final Words:

Wealthy Affiliate is what I’ve said it is: it’s simple, it’s FREE, it will train you, give you helpful tools and you can do it all without any prior experience – so long as you take action and take responsibility for your own outcomes.

I think being a part of Wealthy Affiliate is not something that takes a lot of thought really – it’s a pretty simple decision: you get:

  • Specific training on how to start your online business
  • More than 300,000 active and super helpful Community Members
  • Training through Video, Tutorials, Classroom Training and Courses which are constantly added to and up to date
  • Access To Help From Experts & Millionaires In The Industry
  • 13+ Full & Interactive Classrooms To Ask Questions And Get Help
  • Fast and secure website hosting
  • 2 Completely FREE and Beautifully Designed Websites
  • An Actual Spam Free Environment
  • 24/7 Live & Interactive Help
  • You Can Get Started Completely For FREE!

What if I want to go Premium?

There are two membership options available at Wealthy Affiliate:

Starter Membership: $0 (Click Here To Join) – No Credit Card Needed

Premium Membership: $47 per month Or $359 per year (Click Here To Join)

Wealthy Affiliate Premium.  This is the package for those who are serious about packing in their current jobs as quick as possible and those who want to build a BUSINESS.


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