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Chris Farrell Membership

Name: Chris Farrell MembershipChris Farrell banner
Price: $4.95 for 7 day trial, $37 per month after trial, $997 Mentor Me package
Owner: Chris Farrell
Overall Rank: 80 out of 100
Who it’s for: Newbie – Expert

Introduction to Chris Farrell

Chris FarrellAs I like to check these programs out with an open mind – I came across The Chris Farrell Membership Program and was pleasantly surprised.  This program is a credible online money making program that certainly hits the mark for those who wish to begin affiliate marketing.

Chris Farrell started marketing online in 2007 and has been successful with his online endeavour – what he seems to be very good at is teaching affiliate marketing and does so in a really amiable and simple way.  You won’t struggle to keep up with him.

The reason is, he found it difficult to overcome the jargon and hurdles when he first started so has based his teaching on making it completely accessible and understandable so his clients can go on to have similar success.

What is the Chris Farrell Program?

The Chris Farrell Membership will certainly teach you how to make money online using the techniques he used for his business. Chris teaches you to build your own website, build and generate leads, and many other useful marketing strategies needed to generate an online income.

The following is a list of some of the training and benefits that is provided within CFM.

  • Create a website from scratch
  • How to create and upload videos
  • How to create an email list
  • How to choose a niche market
  • How to get new ideas for your niche market
  • Websites created for newbies
  • Free copy of Optimize Press (Landing page creator)
  • He used to offer free unlimited hosting – but not anymore

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Chris does offer some great training – one of the ones I really like I the Creating Your Own eBook, Killer Copywriting, Create Your Own Products and more subjects that you can really use on a practical level.

The training is video based so is very easy to follow and copy.

Chris Farrell banner 2

Who is Chris Farrell Membership Geared At?

The Chris Farrell Membership site is really geared toward the newbie – which is perfect for this who want to begin affiliate marketing or creating an actual online business… afterall we all had to start somewhere.

However if you are a little more advanced and really want to skyrocket your online career I suggest checking out Wealthy Affiliate – they have a university, courses and can really springboard your business from zero to expert.

Costs Involved

As stated you can start for $4.95 – so not expensive but that is not for long!!! The monthly fee is $37 – and to be honest for this I would expect to receive everything.  However once inside you will be prompted to upgrade to the Mentor Me program – I completely understand upsells as we are all in this to build our income – I’ve just been spoiled with Wealthy Affiliate where you receive everything.

The Mentor Me program is really just a condensed version of the Membership, it’s just geared to get you going faster – so it will cost you $997 for this convenience.


Chris Farrell is a genuine program that will get you results and he is very credible – definitely not a scam.  The Chris Farrell Membership is certainly one to consider if you are starting your affiliate marketing or online business as he will cut through the ‘hard parts’ and make it a simple learning experience for you.

I have no hesitation in recommending the Chris Farrell Membership for newbies.

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