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Finding Affiliate Programs

Ok, so we’ve covered off What Affiliate Marketing is and How you can earn money from affiliate marketing – next is to show you how to find affiliate programs and products to promote!

I’m a fan of Clickbank so we’ll cover this off as it’s one of the biggest affiliate networks with literally thousands of products and hundreds of topics – most with some decent priced commissions.  We’ll also cover off some other affiliate networks also.

What is an Affiliate Network?

Affiliate networks are the middle man for producers of products and the affiliates who want to promote those products.

The affiliate network will supply you with tools to promote products and also act as an intermediary to pass on commissions from sales.  Basically all you do is put links and banners on your website that have a tracking code – again should someone purchase, you get the commission.


Clickbank is one of the best and largest affiliate networks for digital products around.  I love it because I’m not dealing with physical products (although I do this also) – it’s easy to promote and the tracking and stats provided are super helpful.  The commissions also tend to be a little higher as you’re not dealing with shipping costs.

Signing up is free.  Once you login you should head over to the ‘marketplace’ which is a directory of all the affiliate products all presented in topics and sub-topics for you.  Once you signup you are given a clickbank ID – this then allows  you to promote products.


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What Do The Stats Mean?

Ok when deciding on which products to promote there are a few stats I want you to look at:

Initial $/sale : How much you will earn per sale

Avg %/sale :  is the percentage of the sale price makes up your cut

 Avg Rebill Total : there are a lot of products that have a rebilling aspect (such as ongoing paid newsletters or monthly memberships) and you will continue to get payment on these for as long as the person keeps paying (yay!)

Grav : this is the  Gravity – it gives an indication of how well the product is going at the moment. The higher the gravity the better: I aim for anything over 20. It shows that a lot of affiliates are selling the product (and it is selling).

When you see a product you like press the PROMOTE button and enter your affiliate ID – this generates a unique tracking hoplink. Copy and paste that link somewhere (I keep an excel spreadsheet on all my product promos) and this is your link to ad to text or banners.  You will also get an email from the vendor giving you access to all their banners and your unique links in both ‘text’ form and ‘html’.

clickbank promo

ClickBank Account

When you log into your clickbank account  you will have all your stats there to show all commissions earned on which products.

clickbank sales snapshot

Once  you get used to looking around Clickbank, you will be able to dive further into the stats – you don’t need a lesson on that, its self explanatory – but seriously if you have problems Clickbank also have a great support service for you to ask questions.

More Affiliate Networks

There are more ways to get affiliate links – pretty much any store or product will be able to be promoted through affiliate links, but if they are outside the bigger affiliate networks, simply ask the store itself and they will give you all the information you need.

Occasionally you will find you need to be ‘approved’ and that is fine, so long as you explain how you plan to promote their product you will be approved. It’s just to stop affiliates getting a link and purchasing themselves.

Downside to Affiliate Marketing?

Once you get used to the affiliate links and banners you should consider having an opt-in form where you capture emails of your audience to build your own database.  Reason is – if you constantly send your customers directly to affiliate links – THEY will capture the email addresses and build their own database, and you are left with nothing and no one to promote further products to.

I will cover this off in another lesson.  So I don’t see a downside – I’m a fan and it’s a sound strategy to build your online business.


So here we’ve covered off a number of things:

  • What is affiliate marketing and how it works.
  • How do you find affiliate products to promote?
  • What is ClickBank and Affiliate Networks?
  • Other affiliate networks to look at.

Basically if you see a website that has products you like, look down the bottom of the page to see if they have an affiliate program and follow their links and instructions.

Go get em! Any questions, just shoot me a comment….

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