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LinkedIn – 3 Ways To Support Your Content Marketing Strategy

Creating content and distributing it is definitely one of the more challenging and time-consuming processes, even when affiliate marketing.

Traditionally LinkedIn has been a very text-heavy social network for professionals, but its definitely grown to become a very powerful platform for hosting content.

You can ‘link in’ to this platform and use it in 3 ways to become part of your content distribution strategy:

1. Slideshare

In 2012 SlideShare was purchased and merged into LinkedIn’s programming and has helped bring LinkedIn forward with its goal of becoming the largest platform for professional knowledge on the internet.

Slideshare users can upload content or files from PDF, OpenDocument Presentations, PowerPoint, Keynote – your slide decks can then be viewed on the Slideshare site.

As you know most companies/ professionals will use slides for their presentations and this gives them a way to collect their information and demonstrate it in a professional way to help build brand and give credence to their content.

The 2 ways Slideshare can be used to demonstrate your content on LinkedIn:

  1. Add slides / presentations to individual profile pages

Below is an example of an individual slideshare page:



  1. Company page on SlideShare


You’ll notice you can share, like, clip content as you can with other social networks – this all adds to a collective rating where you can build your brand and get your content ‘linked’.

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2. Pulse Content Platform

Within LinkedIn there is Pulse which is a self-publishing platform where brands can post content for their subscribers.

This is fantastic to build on your content and brand distributing valuable information to readers and offering insights in your area of expertise.

Pulse content can be distributed to other relevant Groups or to your own Company Page giving  you even more viewers and content circulation.

At the top left-hand corner of Pulse you can see a tab called “Top Posts” which is a great spot for inspiration for content ideas.

Categories are really important therefore – so your content can be found easily – so once you publish a post, label it at the bottom of the Pulse editor.

3. Company Pages

This is a great way for your company to display your content and gain subscribers – a more creative way of having a newsletter.  It’s a free service and definitely worth creating.

Here you can give quality content, updates, build your brand and promote.  From LinkedIn’s own research they have shown that its users are 50% more likely to purchase from a company they like and engage with.

This can be used for larger companies to engage its customers and employees, but can be used just as effectively as a smaller brand – just as long as you put out regular content – as mentioned can be used instead of or in conjunction with a newsletter.

Benefits of a Company Page:

  • Showcase your brand, vision and mission statement
  • Notify followers of upcoming events, trainings or activities
  • Distribute ongoing quality content
  • Develop a platform for discussion re your industry
  • Highlight products or services to your niche market via the ‘showcase page’
  • Divide company services into different local regions

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