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Other Traffic Sources

So you are starting your journey of affiliate marketing and to becoming an online entrepreneur – but how do you let the world know about your website or product? I’ll let you know some ways to get traffic to your website using alternative methods – pay per click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are not the only ways to get visitors to your site.

There won’t be one place that you get your traffic from – usually successful affiliates get their traffic from a number of places – it makes sense to not put all your eggs in one basket, especially on the net as things change constantly.  You also don’t want to miss out on sources of traffic with potential as traffic to your site means income for you!

Links from Other Sitesrsz_websitelinks

This is a fantastic and important way for you to become successful. Not only will you get traffic but these sorts of backlinks are safe and will help your search engine rankings.

Linking is a big part of SEO, however that’s not the only reason you want these – you can get links from sites that rank low on PageRank, but they may deliver a lot of high quality traffic to your site – that’s what we’re after in this lesson.

The point to this is to get ‘traffic’ so get your link on other people’s websites as much as possible (do not spam or do it inappropriately or you will damage yourself in the long run) – other sites have eyes on them that your site doesn’t so it stands to reason by putting yourself in front of these eyes, some will come to you!

Post on Forums and Blogs

I have mentioned this one a bit on other articles – it’s a great way to get your website promoted and get some traffic – just become part of a conversation relevant to your topic and put your link in your signature.

Do NOT post useless comments or bombard forums with your URL or you will get banned.  If you have created a site based on a niche you like, you should have no problem genuinely offering comments and putting your URL link down the bottom.

This way you will build a reputation and you’ll find people will come to your site because they trust you as a genuine contributor and will trust you enough to buy from you!

The trick is to not dismiss forums or other blogs simply because you don’t want to help them – that’s the wrong attitude, you are after traffic remember and traffic comes from other blogs and forums on similar topics – make yourself successful!  I wrote a bit about this in Begin Affiliate Marketing Without A Website.

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Submit Articles to Article Directories

Directories are for both authors (who get their articles distributed around the net for free earning backlinks and traffic in the process) and for people using the articles as they get free content for their website, eBook or newsletters.

So article directories are simply places to submit your articles.  Once you submit your articles they are free for anyone to download and reproduce – provided the links the author has put in the article stay in tact.

ezine photo


Some great article directories for you to check out:

You can get your articles sent out really quickly by submitting them to a whole lot of directors in super quick time, check out the following:

  • – these guys will write a unique article and submit it to 100+ article sites for you

Social Marketing Sites

The same as with placing your URL on blogs and forums – again get involved in social media – Facebook, YouTube, Pintrest – by posting photos or articles you have written in comments you will find people will start coming to your site if your comments are genuine.

So there you have it – just quickly recapping some easy ways to get more traffic – now remember all this may sound easy, but if you actually follow through with my suggestions, you will get results.  Remember it is not up to anyone else but you to make this happen!





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