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SwipeVault Review

Name: SwipeVaultswipevault 1
 Chris Luck
Overall Rank:
 75 out of 100
Who it’s for: 
Newbie – Expert

First of All – Who is Chris Luck?

chris luckChris self-professes to create businesses and says he has been doing so since 1999. His main areas of business are in online business and education, and says he has made in excess of $25 million – including creating a gaming app from scratch.

So it appears Chris Luck is very successful with online marketing. He also has a helpful online site that gives a lot of helpful tips for free.

Now the whole premise of SwipeVault is to not ‘reinvent’ a business, but to learn from other people’s mistakes and their successes and duplicate or ‘model’ what they have done to build your business – only better.

So with SwipeVault the idea is to put together all the information you gather from your research on your competitors so you have one ‘file’ to start building from – whether you do it or you outsource aspects of your swipe file.

It definitely makes sense – and successful entrepreneurs have been doing this forever – however SwipeVault just makes the process easier for you.

So what does it really entail:

With Swipe Vault you will gain access to a large number of swipe files that have already been created in almost any niche market you can think of. You will have access to all the help, support, graphics, lead generation, content, sales pages, etc you could possibly need to recreate your business.swipevault 2

Other swipes files include video sales letters and webinars for virtually any niche – Chris promises you will not lack for choice or subject. There is also training available on setting up your sales funnels, online media buying strategies, and how to find out how your competition is doing.

Membership in Swipe Vault is available in your choice of two different packages – Basic and Pro. The Basic package costs $97 per month and will give you 24/7 access to the swipe vault and the opportunity to download new swipe files each week. The Pro package ($197 per month) also gives you the opportunity to connect with other members, access to video blueprints, bonus content, webinars, and VIP access to all future events.

SwipeVault does have a special offer running currently however that you should really check out.

Swipe Files available within the vault:

– Sales funnels – Download & swipe the best optin funnels, sales funnels, webinar funnels, launch funnels, membership funnels and more.

– Sales pages – Download & swipe the best sales pages for the business opportunity, health, internet marketing, real estate industries and more.

– Sales videos – Download & swipe the best VSLs for the business opportunity, health, internet marketing, real estate industries and more.

– Emails – Download & swipe the best sales pages for the business opportunity, health, internet marketing, real estate industries and more.

– Graphics – Download & swipe the best graphics swipes for banners, buttons, exit pops, infographics, logos, presentations and more.

– Direct response ads – Download & swipe the best online and offline direct response sales copy, advertisements and more from marketing legends.

– Webinar funnels – Download & swipe the best webinars for the business opportunity, health, internet marketing, real estate industries and more.

– And much more…

The Swipe Vault has everything you will ever need for marketing virtually anything online or off, that you can “swipe” to shortcut your success online.

It is certainly a large collection of marketing material assembled one place and it’s all there for you to use as a member of The Swipe Vault. There are some huge well known names in the vault who have put together and shared their own swipe files for you to go ahead and use.

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Look, SwipeVault definitely has a lot to offer, and it does make sense to use what’s already working rather than reinvent the wheel.

I do feel it’s a bit pricey – but if you put the work in and follow the step by step instructions according to Chris you should make your money back in no time – and he DOES offer a full money back guarantee of 30 days – so that always gets my full tick of approval!

It is just another ‘strategy’ – you really need to find what sits well with your personality and your business goals – my personal strategy has been different and I have still had access to the best training ever on the net and it hasn’t cost me nearly the price of Swipevault.

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