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13 Ways To Find New Customers

So once you decide to start your online business or begin affiliate marketing, you get all your knowledge, start building your blog or online store – now you face the challenge of finding customers or clients!   This is a particularly challenging thought if you have a limited budget.

When I first started online I got my website up and running and started putting my products and banners on my site and I thought that would be enough to bring everyone running to my site to buy – wrong… it’s a bit like fishing.  You can sit in your boat with your line in the water, but if you don’t have any nice smelling bait on the end of that hook – not only will no fish know you are there, they definitely won’t be putting their fishy lips on your hook!

So how do you get started ‘fishing’ successfully? Well, here are some great strategies to get you going in the right direction:

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1. Develop A Plan

Think about who your ideal customer might be (or your ‘Avatar’).  Really consider what you are offering and what your audience will be wanting – what kind of product would suit their needs.  In my fishing example – the fisherman would need some fantastic bait and maybe some really colourful hooks and flys.

If you’re not really sure, then go to some forums, make some phone calls and do some research to determine their specific purchasing requirements.

Once you have your finger on the pulse to ‘what’ your clients would want to purchase, then think about ‘where’ they would normally go to purchase or find products or services such as yours.  What social groups or business groups do they hang out in. Who would they listen to or where would they normally purchase from.

Once you know this you need to think about how you are going to put yourself in their path.

Back to my ‘fish’ example – if you have a fishing website, you want to sell colourful hooks/flys and other fishing related gear, you may jump on some fishing forums and add your knowledge and place your weblink in your signature. Or jump on some facebook pages to join in discussion and mention where they could get some great fishing gear online.

2. Diversify

By putting yourself in front of more people, it stands to reason you will get better responses – it’s a numbers game.  So really consider all the places you can offer your products and services. The more people that hear about you, the more often people hear about you, the more likely they will buy from you.

3. Check Out Local Newspapers

Newspapers are a great source of information, particularly if you offer a service.  Have a look for names of people who have been promoted or won awards or opening new businesses – all of them are potential customers.

For Example, when I first offered my social marketing services, I did so to local new business who really needed to pick up clients quickly – and these came from the newspaper and other local advertising. I would send them a quick note (and sometimes just drop by to have  a quick chat) and I’d let them know I could work out a tailored plan for their new business to get them up and running with social media and a new stream of customers – it worked a treat!

4. Sponsored Events

Keep a look out for events that may hit your potential market and contact the event organizers.  Let them know you can give a way some product or service as a prize during the event in exchange for promotion on their site or through their database.

 5. Network

This should go without saying – hang out where your potential clients hang out.  Even if you are an internet marketer, I personally attend internet marketing seminars to network with other people – some great conversations (and even JV’s) have come from this.

If you are a fisherman, go to fishing clubs or attend larger events if possible.

6. Follow up after meetings

Stay in contact.  If you say you will follow up with someone, make sure you do this – you never know who you are dealing with and it’s important to maintain integrity with customer service.  This will grow your business quicker than anything!  If you get this right then you can push for referrals from existing contacts, even if they don’t use you themselves.

 7. Give a little to get a lot

Give samples of your product way and ask the recipients to give testimonials or tell their friends (especially online like through Facebook).   If you offer a service, then give a way some free advice in the form of a report or small eBook or newsletter that gives tips and hints… this could lead to one on one coaching!

8. Ask Your Personal Network

You’d be amazed how your current network of friends would love to help you out.  Just spread the word about your new venture and ask them to help spread the word for you – you can even offer a small referral fee if any referrals turn into sales!  Get creative – remember  you’re in business now!

9. Don’t Re-Invent the Wheel

Have you heard the saying ‘the sincerest form of flattery is imitation’?  Well same goes with business.  Look at your customers (only successful ones of course) – where do they advertise? Where do they network? What strategies do they use? What works for them and can you implement those same strategies for your business.

Sometimes the smallest thing can be what makes people buy and if someone in your industry is already doing it well, then model their business structure – refine it later.  It’s the best way to learn and to build your business while you do it.

 10. Use Multiple Small Ads Instead Of One Big One

Back to the modelling already mentioned, if other competitors advertise in certain areas, you should definitely do the same. Put small ads in all the places you see your competitors, rather than spending on one big splashy ad.  Just have a lot of small ad campaigns – fishing in the same water your competitors are already fishing in.

11. Test Pay-Per-Click (PPC) And Other Online Advertising

Facebook is great for this as you can narrow your target audience right down to geography, age, gender and even how much they earn per year!  Set set your daily and monthly budgets and check your campaigns frequently to keep an eye on where your money is going and if you are getting a good ROI – it’s easy to stop an online campaign pretty quickly!

12. Google It

Make sure you list your business and website in any directories you can possibly find.  If you are a service, get listed in local directories or members directories.  In everything you do have a link to your website – always!

Get knowledge on social media – if you don’t have time for this – hire someone to do it for you – the returns will well and truly pay for the initial outlay!

 13. Get Feedback

So after all your promotion – if someone does not purchase – ask them why.

How can you better serve their needs?  Did they not like your presentation, your colours, your tone or just not need the product.  All this information will help you present a product that will sell way better.  Use every tidbit to learn and make needed changes.

This is all about seeing your business grow and sustain you and your dreams.  None of it is hard – it just takes persistence and consistency.

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