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How to Find Keywords For Your Website The Proper Way

Finding Keywords Doesn’t Have to Stop You!rsz_1confused

Ok, keyword research scared me – there I said it… I never did it I just took an ‘intelligent guess’ on what my audience were looking for online.  Not because I was lazy, but because I didn’t understand ‘how’ to do it.

However, as a website owner who puts in a lot of time and effort into building my business, it is imperative to search engine success  to understand how to find keywords for a website, but this all starts with understanding how to research keywords.

Let Me Show You How Easy Keyword Research Can Be!

I’m going to keep it simple as it does not have to be the all scary and difficult thing I made it out to be:

There’s really only 3 things to need to look out for when doing your keyword research for your niche – yep, keeping it really simple for you!

The 3 Main Pillars of Effective Keyword Research

1. Low Competition

This should be  your first point of call when doing your keyword research.  If a keyword has too much competition, leave it alone!.  The reason is that if you can’t rank efficiently, then you are not going to get any traffic!


When I look for competition, I look for a specific metric call QSR (known as Quote Search Results).

The only tool that I’m aware of that presents this in a super simple and efficient way is Jaaxy.  And yes, that is the tool I use for my keyword research.

QSR allows you to determine the EXACT number of competing pages in Google – that is your REAL competition.   I generally choose keywords with a QSR of under 300 (that is, 300 competing pages in Google), the closer to ZERO the better!

First Keyword Tip: Under 300 QSR

2. Get Some Traffic

I’m not looking to hit the keyword out of the ballpark – I’m happy to just hit the ball in the park if it gets the job done!

Getting a high volume if the keyword has high competition is not going to get you ranked, so why bother?

I like to go for a sure thing.  If a search term gets over 50 searches per month, I go for it.  Yep, 50.

I know it sounds low, however these low volume keywords add up quickly when you start ranking them.  Get 1st page rankings in the search engines under 10, or 20….0r 100 of these and you are going to win everytime.

Generally, the lower competition, moderate traffic keywords are typically more relevant and they convert better – so it’s a win-win.

Second Keyword Tip:  Over 50 searches per month

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3. It Has To Make Sense

How annoying is it to read an article or headline that simply doesn’t make sense because the writer is trying to cram in the keywords / keyword phrases – not cool.

For example, the of this article makes sense and my target keywords fit naturally within the title.   All of your keywords should do the same.  Take a look at this example…

how find keywords vs. how to find keywords

Trying to make the first keyword sound good would be a tough one.  It simply does not make sense.  So as a rule if the sentence doesn’t make natural sense – don’t do it!.  Remember you are writing for your audience, not (traffic) not just to get ranked.  If you do this correctly you will get ranked anyway.

Third Keyword Tip: Must make sense to a human being!

OK, It’s Your Turn:

Take a topic or theme from your website and plug it into the search tool below.

Follow my 3 search tips and you will be cooking with gas.  I know it sounds simple, and it is – don’t make it more difficult, it really needn’t be.

If you have any question about keyword research or any matter in fact that you are stumbling with – jump on the community at Wealthy Affiliate – it literally costs you nothing and you will get some great free help!


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