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Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

Take Back Keyword Power

Most people I know are not as excited by keyword research as I am – and I LOVE keyword research. Once I learned how easy it was – I had all the power!

Up until recently keyword research was nowhere near as accurate as it is today – today there is no excuses for not getting your articles ranking well – if you have the right keyword tool then the technology is outstanding.

What I Dislike About Most Keyword Tools:

Most keyword tools provide you with a lot of stats and metrics and data, so if you are not analytical or you ‘just want to find keywords/ phrases that work’ without spending hours upon hours of researching analytics then you could be stuck.  The problem is that with most of these keyword metrics, there is also no value in the #’s.  In other words, most keyword tools provide you with annoyingly useless data.

A few things you need to watch out for when buying into keyword tools:

(1) Don’t buy something you need to ‘install’
(2) Anything that provides PPC ‘guestimates’
(3) If it uses Alexa as the key factor in determining competition
(4) Anything that requires several searches to accomplish a singular task
(5) Tools that don’t pull results from ALL search engines

These usually indicate a tool that is not in your best interest.

So What’s My Keyword Tool of Choice:

As I already discussed, I love keyword research and there is a reason – I love the tool I use for it. A bit like a carpenter has his favorite brand or tool for building…

When I do research on my niches, I generally looking for 3 things:

  • How much competition does the keyword have
  • How much traffic does the keyword / phrase get
  • Does the keyword make sense

Jaaxy Keyword Tool can accurately capture keyword competition and show you the traffic to a particular keyword.  As far as it making sense – well that’s where your common sense comes in!

If a keyword has low competition but has a lot of traffic coming to it is pretty much one you’d like to use as it’s SEO ready – this means ranking – and that’s what this is all about.

So how hard is it to use Jaaxy?

The Art of Finding “Money Making” Keywords Made Easy

Please don’t fall into the trap of thinking that competition is a bad thing – it’s the opposite, if there is a niche with competition, it generally means someone has done the research and found this niche or market to be profitable. So why not get your slice of the action too?

My problem has always been that I see opportunity in everything now and simply don’t have the time to create enough products and sites to capture them all.  The world and it’s population is only growing and the need for information or products is doing the same – there are literally millions of money-making opportunities out there if you know how to capture them!

Look it’s not difficult to create a successful campaign whenever you like, with all the keywords in your niche that will rank and bring in traffic to your site if you have the right tool like Jaaxy. Jaaxy can uncover keywords and give you simple, simple stats that even my kids can follow.

I can create successful campaigns “at will” because I know how to find an unbelievable amount of keywords within a niche, because when you have access to a tool like Jaaxy you can uncover things that no other keyword tool can access.

So How Does Jaaxy Do It Differently?

Firstly Jaaxy utilizes data from all search engines, not just Google so you can get as close to ‘real’ numbers as possible.

As I said I like it simple, so there are no graphs and over analysing of these stats, Jaaxy gives a few main metrics that you need: Traffic & Competition.

Here’s a look at the main keyword data points within Jaaxy:

jaaxy table


Monthly Searches:

This is the estimated traffic – if you can get a top 3 search result in the google rankings, you can get a good deal of Monthly Searches outlined (up to 60%). Please know that traffic isn’t all you should be concentrating on, quite often I’ll look at competition prior to checking out the traffic – if you can’t get a good ranking then traffic has absolutely no meaning whatsoever.

I mean it’s better to have a first page ranking under keywords/phrases that get 90 searches per day than if you have 2nd page rankings under keywords that get 100’s of searches per day – as you know not many people make it to the 2nd page!


This function I love in Jaaxy – it finds the exact competition for your keyword quickly. You want to aim for under 400 QSR (Quoted Search Results).  Simply put, this means there’s less than 400 competing pages in google.

In the table above, the search term ‘Best Keyword Research Tool 2010” is a great keyword as it only has 41 competing pages in Google. Easy to rank on this one!

Brainstorming New Ideas:

All this is great, but ideas are what most of us need to even start looking for keywords – so you can use Jaaxy for this too: There is a brainstorming tab at Jaaxy:

jaaxy table2

This allows you to sift through ideas that are already there – you don’t have to search for hours on the internet for niche ideas – it’s all here in one place for you.

Add any of the ideas into a list and then you can search them right within the keyword research tab. It’s a feature I love and use all the time.

Jaaxy Live:

Now if you are a ‘visual person’ (as I am) you may like to check out the video which will run you through the training – and you can actually sign up to use the tool for free to try out!

Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Choosing a Jaaxy Plan That Fits Your Budget

I haven’t really gone deeply into what Jaaxy can do for you as this isn’t a Jaaxy training.  Basically, there are brainstorming functions (niche finding); the ability to easily find where your sites are ranked in Google (i.e. what page am I on); find affiliate programs, analyse your competitions websites, create keyword lists…and a stack more.    The best thing is, it’s all in one place and quite simply the easiest and quickest tool I’ve used.

There are all sorts of options for using Jaaxy on any budget, whether you are starting out, or someone that understands the importance of keyword research, to the power user.

Jaaxy Pricelist

I use Enterprise personally because I am a power user (I like it simple and hate wasting my time) and if you like getting from A to B on the quickest possible route, I suggest you go for that option.

If you are are new or not too sure and you want to get your feet wet using Jaaxy, try the free version.  It is limited, but it will get you a decent idea of what to expect.

If you are starting out and have a limited budget go for Jaaxy Pro.   It will save you hours per day off of your keyword research, has most of the functions within Enterprise, it’s just not as quick.

This tool is web based so you can access it from anywhere with an Internet connection, as well as your phone.  It’s hard not to use it when I’m at the shops or simply out and about and see a really good idea (ok, I’m addicted!).

Test Jaaxy for Free

Take her for a spin! Get 30 free searches in Jaaxy without even giving over your credit card. Use what you learned here today and see what you can find.

I trust you found this helpful and have a bit of fun with Jaaxy – and hopefully you’ll start to love keyword research as much as I do! Happy Hunting!

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