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How To Find A Product On ClickBank

Now you are getting started with affiliate marketing, where do you find products? I’m going to show you the steps to finding a profitable niche on ClickBank, the largest network for digital products for affiliate marketers.

Ok, finding a niche is super important – for those who are not sure what a niche is – it’s a topic or ‘theme’ of the product you will be promoting as an affiliate marketer.  For example if I’m promoting how to teach your dog to sit down on a dog advice site – I’d be in the ‘dog’ niche.

The Aim is to find a niche that will consistently bring you money.

You can certainly pick a niche just because you ‘like’ it, but you really need to put in some research to see if that niche has good products and if those products are in demand – or you’re going to spend a lot of time promoting something that won’t pay off.

How To Find A Profitable Niche In Clickbank

As an affiliate marketer I find the most profitable products to promote are usually digital products such as e-books or online courses or training programs.  The reason is they are usually high commissions  – way more than you’d get from selling physical products.

So a lot of affiliate marketers turn to ClickBank: It is one of the largest affiliate networks that is full of digital products to promote.  Its free to sign up and use the ‘marketplace’ to see all the products for sale and gives you great stats on each product so you can assess its viability to promote.

We’ll delve into physical products at some other stage, but at this stage you want to concentrate on digital.

Step 1: Categories in ClickBank

So once you have signed up for your free ClickBank Account – at the top you’ll see the Marketplace – this is where you’ll open up the list of categories on the left hand side of your screen. clickbank marketplace


When you click on one of the categories you’ll see subcategories dropdown.  Initially do go for a category that you are interested in – that way you will have the impetus to actually keep promoting the product you choose.

As an example I will choose ‘Diets & Weight Loss’ in the Health & Fitness niche: clickbank niche

Step 2: Look for Products That Sell Well

So looking at this subcategory I see there are 345 products in the Diets & Weight Loss category: clickbank subcategories


So there are stacks of products available to promote in the diets and weight loss niche – however not all of them are profitable – so you need to look a little deeper:

You want to look at the ‘gravity’ of a product and aim for a gravity of 6 or more – you can set this on the left hand side: clickbank gravity


This immediately cut out 281 products that I’m not interested in promoting and am left with 64 profitable products in this subcategory.

Clickbank gravity is, in a basic form (there is more to it), the amount of affiliates who have sold the product in the last 12 weeks.  So it shows the product is selling – that’s good!

Step 3:  Keep Looking For The Best Niche Options

So you need to look through all the products and subniches for something you are interested in, that has a decent amount of products with a gravity of more than 6.

It can get a little tricky as some of the products are listed across a couple of different categories.

So you may find you’re spending a little while getting around all the topics and refining your product list.

For example if  I wanted detox products in the diets and weight loss subniche, I’d find them there but they could be listed under other niches also – so I like to do a ‘search’ for detox


This shows there are 23 ‘detox’ products across all the categories.

So at this stage I think ‘detox’ is looking rather promising as it has lots of products that are already selling well and it’s a niche that people are clearly buying.

As a rule of thumb if you run a search for a product (with a gravity of 6+) and you get less than 10 products, maybe go for something else.  You can certainly still make money, however you’ll do better with a niche that is doing better.

Step 4: Check Out The Vendors Sales Page

When you find a product you think you’d like to promote then check out the sales page for the product to familiarise yourself and really see if it’s a topic /niche / product you are actually comfortable promoting.

For example the first search that came up under ‘detox’ was for “computer detox” – a product that does not fit with my original weight loss detox topic at all.

However on the front page search there were 5 products that were relevant to my dieting niche like this one: 21 day cleanse


This page looks good, has lots of great information and is professional so I feel comfortable proceeding with this.

Take your time with this step – don’t stress if you make mistakes, you can always stop promoting something if you want – just take you time looking for the right product for you.

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Things To Consider In Picking A Niche:

1. Is the niche ‘evergreen’?

This means will these products continue to be popular or is it just a trend? Examples of evergreen niches would be dating, health, sports, exercise, learn a language etc.

Also think about the timing of products – Christmas products will only sell a few weeks prior to Christmas, not all year round.

You can always run your topic through Google Trends and see how it goes year round.  I did this with ‘detox’ over the last 12 months – you’ll see it performs well, with a spike around January (prob due to New Years resolutions!) google trends

If I change the stat to show how it’s done over a long time you’ll see it’s steadily grown: goolge trends 2

2.  Is Your Niche Being Searched For?

You need to look at how many people are searching for your niche in Google.

This shows if your niche/ product is popular – this definitely helps when you start to promote and makes it easier for SEO to get traffic to your website.

It’s easy to check how many people are searching for your niche in Google by using a keyword tool such as Jaaxy – if you head over to Jaaxy you will get some quick lessons on how to use it and refine your search results or go to our training on Jaaxy.



Basically aim for more than 1,000 monthly searches on the phrases related to detox (detox cleanse, detox diet plan, best detox cleanse, etc) and this will give you some proof that people are actually searching on google for your niche.

3.  Do Your Like Your Chosen Niche?

Finally you need to consider if you ‘like’ your niche.  I know I’ve said it a lot, but it’s way easier to put energy into something you enjoy than it is to pick something that is of no interest to you – you simply won’t see it through if that’s the case.

Having an interest in your niche also helps you to understand your potential audience and helps you to navigate marketing.

How To Choose Between Niches

So you may find you are attracted to a number of different topics – dogs, golf, weight lifting… just keep going through the processes already outlined here and start refining.  Remember we are looking to make money – if you like all these topics, it won’t matter which one you start with.

You can always go back to the other niches you researched if they are good and get multiple campaigns up and running.

If you find a number of different products within the same niche – you can promote more than one product on the same website even!

What Now?

TAKE ACTION.  I’m a huge believer that only you are responsible for your success and that you have all the tools and information already at your fingertips – don’t let overwhelm stop you… remember when you first started to drive – it was scary and difficult – but with practice you became the best driver that ever lived (I’m sure)…

If you really need some hand holding and encouragement I always suggest signing  up for free with Wealthy Affiliate – you’ll get training and they will host 2 new websites for free for you so you can even try all your new found knowledge for free.

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Step By Step

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