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Category: How To Market Research

Alternatives to ClickBank

As an affiliate marketer your aim is to find great products to promote and review so you can earn money – right! Of course you can promote physical products or even do CPA, but as you know affiliate marketing is what I do and it’s highly effective in earning you money! So to make it

What Does Your Market Want?

It’s critical that you understand who your market is and what it is exactly they are after if you want to be successful in marketing your site. So let’s delve into what does your market want? The first step is to get absolutely clear on the ‘people’ in your market and the issues that are

How To Find A Product On ClickBank

Now you are getting started with affiliate marketing, where do you find products? I’m going to show you the steps to finding a profitable niche on ClickBank, the largest network for digital products for affiliate marketers. Ok, finding a niche is super important – for those who are not sure what a niche is –

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

Take Back Keyword Power Most people I know are not as excited by keyword research as I am – and I LOVE keyword research. Once I learned how easy it was – I had all the power! Up until recently keyword research was nowhere near as accurate as it is today – today there is

How to Find Keywords For Your Website The Proper Way

Finding Keywords Doesn’t Have to Stop You! Ok, keyword research scared me – there I said it… I never did it I just took an ‘intelligent guess’ on what my audience were looking for online.  Not because I was lazy, but because I didn’t understand ‘how’ to do it. However, as a website owner who

How To Drive Quality Traffic To Your Website

If you’re like me you’d be wondering how to drive traffic to your website for free effectively without using paid services? Paying for traffic is going to be a necessity in the future but when you’re first starting out and on a tight budget, it’s good to know there are free methods to get your

How To Identify A Profitable Niche

Ok – How to pick a profitable niche!!!  A question asked all the time and all the advice you get is to pick a niche you are interested in or that is your passion… even I’ve said that on many occasions…. HOWEVER there is a flipside to that comment because you want to actually make