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Category: Introduction To Affiliate Marketing

How To Build A Website

Wow, this one scared me when I first started! In fact I was spending more time researching how to get someone else to do this for me than I was just learning how to do it myself! Let me tell you, it’s nowhere near as daunting as you think.  And besides, once you start making

How To Make Money Online

How Will You Earn Money Online? With Over 2 Billion internet users and millions more products and information articles out there – it stands to reason there are many ways to make money online… 100’s of 1,000’s of different ways in fact! The issue that I keep harping at, is that people who want to make

How Long Does It Take To Make Money Online?

Is It Possible To Make Money On The Internet? I seem to get asked this a lot – either by skeptics or mostly by new budding online entrepreneurs keen to leave their jobs.  It’s a fair question – I believe I asked it when I was starting out also. So here’s my response: Starting an

Other Traffic Sources

So you are starting your journey of affiliate marketing and to becoming an online entrepreneur – but how do you let the world know about your website or product? I’ll let you know some ways to get traffic to your website using alternative methods – pay per click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are

Fastest Way To Get Started Online

What’s the point to spending your precious time online if you are not going to make money – if you don’t make a return on your investment quickly, you will lose patience and give up. So lets explore how you can make money online and get yourself going quickly: Now you have decided to begin

Begin Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

Building a website or running a blog in a niche market is probably the most common way to promote affiliate offers and if you are passionate about a topic or you want to have a long term sustainable business I suggest this is going to end up as your strategy. But – if you wanted

Finding Affiliate Programs

Ok, so we’ve covered off What Affiliate Marketing is and How you can earn money from affiliate marketing – next is to show you how to find affiliate programs and products to promote! I’m a fan of Clickbank so we’ll cover this off as it’s one of the biggest affiliate networks with literally thousands of products