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Fastest Way To Get Started Online

What’s the point to spending your precious time online if you are not going to make money – if you don’t make a return on your investment quickly, you will lose patience and give up. So lets explore how you can make money online and get yourself going quickly:

Now you have decided to begin affiliate marketing, there are 2 ways to build a business online:

  1. Slow and Steady wins the race – low startup costs (as taught at Wealthy Affiliate)
  2. Quicker method – higher costs involved, but also profits quicker

Obviously you would choose the method that suits your situation and budget.  IF you have a bit of money to spend then you can get going a little faster … so here’s my suggestion how to do this:

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1. Create a One Page Website

When you first get started its super easy to get caught up building big websites and not actually make money for quite some time – if you do this you are constantly having to create content and work on SEO and work on page ranking, website design and all the other fiddly things you need to concentrate on to make a website work productively.

So the alternative is to create a one-page website or what is commonly called a ‘squeeze page’. squeeze page example

On a squeeze page you are giving the customer an option to sign up for a ‘free trial’ or to subscribe – so you either give your email or you simply leave the page – no other options.

2.  Incentive To Subscribe

In order to capture an email you need to offer a good incentive – either a free ebook, a special report, a video series or some sort of relevant teaching that is worth the potential client giving you their email – think about the give-aways you have received in exchange for your email.

The main aim is to create a really good give-away – make it valuable, as with all you do, it should always be quality (I like to under promise and over deliver)… on the squeeze page you give some great information to make your offer irresistible – and build curiosity so if they were to leave without giving their email they feel like they are missing out eg:

  • How to double your profits in 30 days
  • How to lose 10 pounds in 10 days

Add a great looking graphic or picture – if you are offing an ebook – make it look expensive and worth value – it’s easy to get someone to create a great looking graphic for you at

You can add value by mentioning that the book would normally sell for eg: “normally valued at $47”.  People always like to get something awesome for free!

3.  Setting Up An AutoresponderBegin Affiliate Marketing autoresponder

Ok if you are going to ask people to subscribe, you obviously need to capture their emails and they need to go somewhere and you need to deliver content through email – that’s where an auto-responder comes in.

There are many out there to choose from (AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse) to mention a few.

Basically the autoresponder is an automatic emailing service.

When a potential customer comes to your squeeze page they enter their email address and then the auto responder delivers the promised incentive.

It’s super easy to get started with an auto-responder – you pick the company you want to use, sign up, get the snippet of code to add to your squeeze page and they will do all the work for you.  They all have great, easy training videos… I have used AWeber a lot and find their training great.

4.  Setting Up Email Sequences

Once you have captured an email address and sent out the ebook (or other incentive) to your customer, you then want to drip-feed more emails to your subscribers at regular intervals.

This means you need to write an email sequence and load them into the auto-responder and set the sequence and timing e.g. if you offer a 7-day free email course, send out 1 new lesson per day.

If you are offering affiliate products then do this through your email sequence and as a subscriber clicks on the affiliate offer and purchases, you get the commission.

The idea is to offer your subscribers quality content, not just a sales pitch – you want to build your database not ‘use’ them – they will not stick around if that’s the case – find a happy balance between paid offers and giving quality information.

You want to build trust and have your customers value your opinion – don’t offer ‘fluff’!

If this sounds daunting (especially for beginners) don’t get overwhelmed as you can get this entirely outsourced if you need!

When your email sequence or newsletter is setup correctly, you don’t need to do anything; the autoresponder will take care of delivering your content to your subscribers.  You put the information in once and no matter when a client subscribes the autoresponder will deliver on time, every time without your continued input.

Your job is to drive traffic to your squeeze page – the more subscribers, the more sales.

5.  Get Traffic To Your Page

To get traffic quickly, you need to spend money to make money.

One method is to approach other websites that already have large databases (or a large subscriber list) and pay them to send an email to their subscribers promoting your offer / incentive.

This is called a ‘solo ad’.

There are directories of websites that sell solo ad slots, however I suggest approaching websites in your niche and talking with them directly to promote your offer… I’m not saying it’s easy, but lets get real – it’s not difficult! It’s no different to having a physical product and discussing selling your product in certain stores.

You want to look for websites in your niche that have a newsletter list (they will have a signup form on their website).  Good websites will have an email address so you can contact the owner.

When you contact the owner of the website its as simple as asking if they run sponsored ads.

6.  Keep Your Subscribers

Should you get another vendor (or website owner) to send an email blast  or run the ‘solo ad’ to their subscribers, their subscribers will click through to your website and give you their email address in exchange for your offer and Voila! You have got subscribers!

7.  Show Me The Money

As you gain subscribers they will then be your database and your email autoresponder will drip feed the preset emails you entered and you can start sending affiliate offers – when they buy, you see the commissions.

It may take a little time to get the money back on the solo ad you spent, but once you have a database you can send them multiple offers over time and continue to make money from the – they have already proved they are interested in your niche and are a ‘buying’ client.

8.  Continued Promotions

Once you have your database, as mentioned you can send subsequent offers to them (obviously keep them relevant to the niche) – one way to keep customers engaged is to do regular reviews on new product launches, offer discounts and give great content also – you can make a lot of money from this strategy.

As a new product comes out, get an affiliate link, do a review and send out to your database – as they purchase, you make commissions… this is how all the big affiliate marketers make their money!

The Benefits Of Starting This Way Are:

  • No need to build a big website – just a one page site with an offer
  • No need to create wads of new original content
  • You can outsource emailing content
  • No need to research keywords or SEO or internal/ external links, no page ranking worries
  • Just get subscribers and your email sequence or newsletter will take care of your subscribers for you

What Do You Need To Get Started?

  • A one-page squeeze page. I can suggest using a fantastic company that I use to build all my sales funnels from the squeeze page to the actual email autoresponder all in one place and there is a free trial – it will simply the entire system for you as it did for me: ClickFunnels. There is also AffiloJetpack which I have also used and the support system is fantastic – but again you can do all this on your own to save money.
  • A One Time Offer – or a Giveaway (eBook, Newsletter, Special Report)
  • Graphics for your squeeze page – if you don’t use someone like ClickFunnels then it’s easy to get someone at to do your graphics for you
  • An autoresponder – such as AWeber or MailChimp
  • Email sequence to fill your autoresponder –  at least 30 days (10-15 emails) and you can always add to this
  • A solo ad provider – approach another website owner to promote you to their database of clients

So it’s completely possible to make money as an affiliate marketer without a website, but it will cost you more than the traditional way of building a business around a niche with a full website.  But if quick results are what you want, then absolutely you can do it this way.

Good luck and I hope this has given you some direction

If you are truly stuck on how to create funnels without a website, one of the best trainings I’ve seen is Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp (no it doesn’t cost anything), below is the link, yep, it’s an affiliate link, but again the training is awesome and you DON’T have to spend to get the training – but at some stage you will have to spend money to get software – let’s be real this is a business… but you can enjoy the training and LEARN and DO!

P.S. Take a look at this video and and learn how to earn a full-time income from home.

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