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How To Get A Free Domain and Website

Starting Your Online Business Without Breaking The Budget

Ok, it’s all very well saying you want to start an online business – if you are like most people you figure its not going to cost you much to get going… and you’d be right.  However there are definitely costs involved – as with starting any business.

Whether you are starting a blog for business or for a hobby it still needs the same steps to create the site you want.

Now my title implies there is a way to start up your blog/ website for free – and that is 100% correct, however it’s go to run  you through the costs of actually setting up a site usually and here are the steps:

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Step 1:  

Think of a name for your website: this one can be tricky as finding a name for a website that hasn’t already been taken is tough – so you need to get creative.  The name of your blog doesn’t need to reflect your niche, so long as it’s catchy, not too long and not diametrically opposed to what you are going to write about.

Step 2:

Register the name of your website/ blog – once you find one that is available, you need to buy it! Now getting a .com domain is considered best, but seriously if a .net or .org is available in the name you want, that’s perfectly acceptable.

The domain registrar I prefer to use is NameCheap.  Their customer service is excellent and their prices are great. But there are many you can go to and compare prices – another fantastic one is GoDaddy – as their customer service and prices are amazing also.

Step 3:

Setting up Hosting: Now your hosting account will ‘host’ or store your site for you and make it accessible to the public. Once you have your idea, topic (niche) and domain name you will store your data – I recommend BlueHost.  I have had a number of sites there and they have been fantastic and again the prices are extremely reasonable.  Please note that even though they quote a weekly amount, you will be paying for this upfront in an annual fee.

If you are only starting out always go for the smallest package – it will cost less (between $70-$120/ year) and  you can always upgrade should you need in the future.

They will also install the blogging platform WordPress for you free of charge. Here are 4 hosting platforms for you to check out their prices – they are all good, just settle on one:


HostGator Web Hosting



Step 4:

Changing Nameservers – you will need to point your domain name to the hosting plan (i.e. get the domain name talking to the host).  To do this go into  your domain control center – select the domain you purchased and go to ‘manage domains’ – click on nameservers tab.  All you have to do is add the nameservers provided to you by your hosting account – usually NS******* (or Save the changes and they will start connecting. This can sometimes take a little time however.

Step 5:

Install WordPress:  As you wait for your website to connect you can get started on installing WordPress so you can start building your blog/website.  Login to your control panel at and click on ‘install wp’.

So all up it will cost you approximately $7-$14 for a domain and $70-$120 for hosting… not a huge cost so far.

How to Set Up A WebSite For Free:

So I did say at the beginning I have a free option for you with a free domain included!

Not only will you get free domains, free hosting but you will also get training on how to set it all up, one central place to go to access it all and a platform where you can ask questions if you get stuck 24/7…

The idea is to get going nice and fast so you can start promoting whatever it is you have your heart set on – or if it’s for business, you want to start making money online quickly.

The place I went to (as I like to save money and I really needed help when I first started) is Wealthy Affiliate.

There’s no catch – you can absolutely have 2 domains & 2 sites hosted for free. Here’s the pricing structure for you below: As you see there is a really cheap upgrade if you want to do this (most do but it really is optional).

You can check it out on my Top Recommendation page and learn more.  The free membership gives you 7 days to check out the whole program, after this you still get to keep the 2 websites! At any time if you want to leave the platform and take your website with you – of course you can do this too!.

So at zero cost, zero commitment and a platform that will support and encourage you – there’s really no risk.  I did the same when I first started out – it’s pretty simple.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll help you out.

Top Recommendation

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